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Online Video Types

Online Video Types and Techniques

There’s a thousand ways to skin a cat. When it comes to the execution of online video content strategy there’s endless options. Any video can mix and match styles, format and subject matter, bespoke to the specific needs of a business. And every style has its own expert type, you wouldn’t ask a speed-drawer to complete a 3D job showing an architectural rendering or precision engineered components, would you? Nor would you ask an Objective C programmer “king of the nerds” App Development Guru to present an edgy fashion-brand video… at least not for a second time ;)

Our many online video styles, and breakdown of techniques for online video effectiveness showcase specific disciplines so you can decide which route is right for your business.

huge opportunities are now offered to businesses through online video, allowing the development of a deeper, richer customer experience & new marketing streams

With engaging video, users spend more time on a page. This in turn leads to increased stickiness and increased revenue
- Bloomberg Businessweek

The ENERGISE "CAST-IRON" guarantee

With a quick turnaround and options to suit any budget there’s really no reason not to get started now… but just to PROVE that video can work for virtually any company we have an unbeatable ZERO-risk starter package guarantee, to put our money, time and effort where our mouth is, so to speak...

We’ll create a starter video for your company to get your business message out in the field of online video at our entry price of 200GBP and if your business hasn’t seen ANY increase in sales over 3 months we will refund you the FULL 200GBP cost of the video.

(terms & conditions as follows, the video is to run as a google adWords video campaign we will set up for you with an ad spend of just 20GBP per month for the 3 month period. This is paid directly from yourselves to Google and we do not have any interest / incentive ourselves)

(all videos we reserve the right to inc in our portfolio unless 150GBP additional paid)

Online Video Techniques

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