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Online Video Production Pipeline

With a clear & transparent workflow, streamlined from our teams cumulative years in the field of video marketing & eCommerce for SME’s through to blue chip organisations we’re proud to publicise our way of working & passing the production cost saving along to you.


It’s better to start simple & add complexity as the idea develops. But a clear 1000ft overview of where you’re headed and what you want to say is always a good starting point. We like to work with our clients to get across the idea of WHY it is the offer the product or service they do, and hope that through this their natural passion and enthusiasm for their business will shine through with the infectious quality necessary to pull in their customers and clients. Start with the end in mind, and think about the steps you need to lead them through, in order for them to take the action you desire, as often these steps will form the “scenes” of your video.

Scratch Dialogue & PreViz

Once you’ve got your working script it’s important that a “practice run” is created so you can actually hear how is sounds. So that come the day of the shoot or before the animation is “hard-baked” there’s a rough sense of how the video will flow, when running to time. Is it too waffly, are there any klunky words that look great on a page but sound all stumbley out loud???

The Creation

Alfred Hitchcock is famed for saying that the filming is his least favourite part as in a smooth production all the creative work was done before. Whilst we’d like to believe that the tricky seeming stuff is actually dead straight forward to slot together with the right planning & communication, whether it’s a live action shoot, or the piecing together of the animation, the sheer visual excitement of seeing all the elements come together or “nailing” that performance is WHY we do what WE DO!!

Grade & Mix

Post production is the process of refining the edit and getting a snappy video piece. But beyond that, we bring enterprise grade techniques of colour correction and audio sweetening to your production to ensure the richness of the voice comes through, any sound effects & music is expertly mixed & blended and the “beauty pass” of the digital colour process ensures everyone’s looking at their best and the colours really “pop” (unless of course you’re targeting a muted visual style, or an impactful or classic noir-esque black & white)


Beyond leaving you high and dry with a fantastic video, but no clear options as to what to do with it to get maximum return on your investment… we believe in working with you to leverage our experience in making video work for our clients commercially. After all, if you can make more money on the back of a great video campaign, chances are your be back to us for the next one!

Our ethos is centred around going beyond the client->supplier relationship, and actually come on-board with you as part of your team to achieve our common goal. The success of you & your brand.

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