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Online Video Presenters Northants

You may be forgiven for thinking that you wouldn't find the same range and diversity of talent outside of the M25. Energise Studios would like to challenge this belief. We consider ourselves blessed to be working with such dynamic, fun, energetic, sassy and not to mention beautiful people. Whether its reading from auto-cue, performing ad-lib or voice work, our talent will blow you away on the first take. Hailing from Northants and surrounding area, we can be up and shooting at the drop of a hat. Just one more reason to 'click' Energise.

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The Boys at Energise Studios

You might think, who wants to look at a bunch of sweaty cumbersome men eh? Well clearly you've not worked with the talent available through Energise Studios. Clocking up well in excess of 48 hours of combined on-screen experience, the boys at Energise are pass masters at delivering scripted content in a charismatic and engaging way. So whether your product or service needs its message delivered with an air of authority, or simply a sense of brute force masculinity, the Energise Boys have got you covered.

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