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Creating Online Videos for Small / Medium Businesses

The initial people that came together to form Energise were from the disparate, but complimentary backgrounds of Agency & Client side professionals. This unique perspective to video production, with a focus on product and service promotion results led to a growing team of likeminded individuals working together to create everything from cost effective Apple-style beautiful but simplistic straight to camera pieces, right the way through to shareable hi-concept stylistic videos showing complex products & systems.

Forged from the volume work done for a global eCommerce brand, when Energise Studios was born from the coming together of high specification soho-agency style video production, as we have expanded and diversified, we have always been careful to employ effective digital strategies that champion…

  • simplistic cost-effective work flow
  • quick turnaround and speed to market
  • the right tools for the job
  • teams comprised of the right people

over time, the breadth of work covered has ranged from the holistic side of health & personal development, through to precision engineered products both B-B & B-C alike, following the jobs from soup to nuts, concept to execution, script to digital campaign, resulting in sales of products & services exponentially higher than traditional techniques, with comparatively little outlay.

The emphasis is on delivering bottom-line value to our clients, whilst maintaining a premium brand image in everything we do.

How do we do it?

Whilst many online video companies & digital agencies will drive home the intricacies of advanced marketing techniques, gamification, internet SEO wizardry, semiotics, iconography and various other trends that do carry some weight, albeit shifting with the ever changing tides and undercurrents of new media… ultimately we believe OUR effectiveness stems from our core values…

  1. Honesty, Respect & Transparency - we are a community
  2. Streamlined Workflow - we value simplicity & speed to market
  3. Full Spectrum Execution - we create great video & we ALSO make sure the world sees it.
  4. Practicing what we Preach - we use internet marketing & we ARE eCommerce.

We take the time to listen to you & what your business is. We can then discuss with you a few routes that have worked for others in the past & In an open collective model of working you will always have the right team on your Job. If you were looking for the same service from an encapsulated company the number of specialists in the specific fields of video production, editing, design, 3D, 2D, illustrators, animators, copywriters, stylists, Search Engine Optimisation gurus, marketing and online media would send the payroll off the scale. To achieve the same level of finish you’d be looking at having an account with one of the red-brick london agencies. But the fact we can offer this without the London price tag makes us the ideal choice for enterprise grade video content for brands that aren’t Boots, GSK, Shell or Vodafone.

wherever possible we invest in the kit and space that enables speedy delivery of quality content. We breakdown of our kit choices & recommendations with concise practical advice for those wanting to get results in production. We are not gear heads!! (well those of us that are, are kept in check ;) We work with you as part of a team, and impart our knowledge at every step along the way.

Its not enough to just think…“this is what I want my video to say” and then Schpiel it into the camera, upload it to youTube and hope that it starts generating you the sort of results you’re after. From concept we look at what you’re target objective is, then try to develop something WITH you that’s going to speak to your customer in THEIR language, leading them down the path and befriending them along the way. Once tested effective, we work with you on your deployment strategy to make sure the video is visible across the right channels in the right formats & promoted properly to ensure viewership. You wouldn’t buy a chocolate bar & just leave it on the shop counter and walk out would you?? Un-promoted video, not deployed properly is a bought and paid for asset sat in its packaging on a dusty shelf, not doing the job for which it was intended. How the video is actually “seeded” in the digital landscape is as important as the content in deciding wether or not your message goes viral.

the same techniques we use to make your videos successful and raise your company profile, we’re using ourselves on our own eCommerce product lines. Being actively involved in internet product sales (and obviously service industry, functioning as a full service video production company) ourselves, we are singularly motivated to stay abreast of the latest techniques, trends and methods for maximising profit and increasing visibility for less. Stuff like being eligible for the Amazon “Buy Button”, registering with GS1 for your GTIN-13 barcode numbers, popping to the top of the Google merchant shopping lists, even setting up Payment Gateways that don’t crumble under pressure are all issues that can potentially waylay or at worst de-rail an otherwise successful digital store. And when it comes to service, how to build, cultivate, maintain and enthuse strong prospect lists is absolutely Key.

In summary, we have a no-nonsense approach to making video. We are a unified group of experts that come together on your project as part of your team. We charge for our time & talk in plain english, no hidden costs, straight up.

We’re flexible & we can be involved to a level that suits you, dry-hire / integrating with your team / or project managing from brief to completion. As such our transparency with cost equates to less time wrangling finances and more time spent on quality video production. Speedy ROM estimates, and absolute clarity in terms of where your money is being spent. We love a good spreadsheet as much as the next person, but our true Raison d'être is to create clear, beautiful messaging & content.

Use the power of associated expertise “The Collective” – Energise Your Brand

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