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2D Animation Online Video

Why Animated Video?

With animated video you can blast your story points across. With a camera you’re shooting the real world seeing events as they happen. Animation allows you to empahsise points clearly, with less constraints.

You can defy physics. Once you’re no longer bound by the laws of nature, you have the flexibility to make product benefits come alive, in a way that just wouldn’t be as impactful in live-action.

Put things in perspective… Animated video allows you to contextualise your ideas. For example you might want to start focused in on a specific problem down at street level, but as you enlarge the topic to encompass “the big picture” we see the scene zoom out to view the whole city, immediately allinging your viewers with your point of view.

Softly softly catch a monkey… Animation can be a gentler way to broach more sensitive topics. Once you’ve moved away from showing real people on the screen, approaching more sensitive or emotional issues can become easier for you and more comfortable for your audience to digest. The disarming nature of animation is ideal for approaching topics that could otherwise cause your audience to be on the defence.

Process, Procedure & Algorithm… once you’re directly describing concepts with visual metaphor, you can achieve fantastic clarity when showing the series of steps or actions taken in order to achieve a particular end. And not only are you showing the steps, but you can generally get something of the thinking behind the procedure across. After all people are far more likely to buy into something when you’re coming from an angle of WHY you do what you do, (not just the WHAT)

1000 ways to skin a cat…. video footage can come with a set of constraints. James Cameron has successfully proven that with infinite project budget anything is possible, however for the rest of us mere mortals, animations ability to change the scene layout, try different looking characters and props, in different positions, all at the click of a button, makes animation a good choice for being able to inexpensively try out different executions to put across your message to your clients and consumers.

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