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Online Video for Small/Medium Businesses in & around Northants

"Video is everywhere. Small businesses who ignore it 'do so at their peril'" - quote from The Guardian (Chris Trimble, Guardian Professional, Tuesday 14 January 2014 08.00 GMT)

Energise Studios Web Video Production. We’re passionate about helping businesses communicate their messages by creating exciting, professional looking and above all EFFECTIVE online videos for business. We love helping our clients enjoy more online engagement with their customers & MORE SALES.

Passionate you say.. Why?

Our core members are from a blue chip marketing company background & within the red-brick walls of London’s Advertising sector. Whilst the buzz of creating content for traditional TV advertising & global campaigns is apparent, campaigns of this magnitude typically involve hundreds of people each fulfilling a very tiny part of the creative process. Now that video is moving beyond a reality for small businesses & SMEs and fast becoming a necessity, there is nothing that compares with working right through the creative -> execution process with flexible businesses & see immediate benefits from the work created.

And we don’t just stop there… creating excellent content with sharpened scripts, effective calls to action and eye popping visual style is par for the course with our creatives & operators, but the video quality is only half the battle. In the online milieu the trick is getting seen. YouTube view counts, Facebook Likes, web page dwell time are all statistics you can expect to skyrocket when you work with our dedicated individuals that specialise in making your content reach its target audience. Creative excellence with MEASURABLE returns… that’s Energise.

So what do I need to know?

We’re one of the UK’s leading web video production companies. Our collective model boasts a plethora of talented individuals at the cutting edge of their respective fields, that come together on each project lending their expertise & experience to create work that is at the bleeding edge of what’s currently possible whilst delivering value that the traditional production company model just can’t compete with.

Use the power of online video… Energise your brand.

Want improved site stickability?

Our full range video production services cover everything from audio sweetness though to visual awe. We put ourselves, our knowledge and our passion into everything we do. While we leverage our years of experience in creating cost effective production processes, we don’t believe in the factory line approach.

With energise you know your company message is paramount, delivered with unique style & your work will be hand-crafted to perfection.

How about video content that engages?

With a range of specialists in fields able to offer you unchallenged variety & excellence at realistic prices, our teams mission is to make addictive videos. Hooking your audience in, keeping you in their memory and instilling that shareable quality that makes people want to pass on your message. We’ve worked hard to develop concepts that now have a proven track record in effectively achieving these goals, whilst coming in at unbeatable budget. Check out one of our video styles films to see what we mean (and hopefully get the creative juices flowing;)

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